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Who We Are

AGLA DMV is a chapter of the Association of Ghanaian Lawyers of America (AGLA) which was incorporated in December 2008. The association hopes to galvanize Ghanaian attorneys in the US for their own professional benefit, to become the dominant link between the US and Ghana for the mutual benefit of both countries, and to advocate for the advancement of Ghana and Ghanaians in the US.

Decades of Experience

AGLA Lawyers are experienced legal practitioners with both corporate and courtroom experience covering most areas of law.

Our Practice Areas

Family Law & Divorce

Legal separations and divorce cases need to handled with tact and maturity.

Personal Injury

Get legal help for an injury to your body, mind or emotions using the right lawyers

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation issues regarding individuals, businesses, or non-profit organizations

Immigration Law

Landlord and tenant cases can get complicated. Get legal help to build a case

Criminal Law

Criminal law prescribes specific conduct we are all expected to obey and respect.

Probate & Wills

The laws on adoption and Surrogacy vary from region to region. Research laws.

Patents & Tradmarks

Protect your brand and product ideas by registering the patent with state & federal .

LandLord & Tenants

Property Settlement Agreements created to capture all terms as laid out.

Professional And Experienced Attorneys

What We Stand For

Excellent Track Record

AGLA Lawyers have years and years of experience in all areas of litigation and mediation.

Transpareny & Integrity

AGLA Lawyers respect the bar associations guidelines and put integrity of service and transparency first.

Customer Service

Our member lawyers and firms have experience dealing with all areas of law and can help you deal with any situation.


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Professional Attorneys


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AGLA DMV Executives

Robert Wood

President, AGLA DMV

Mary White

Vice President, AGLA DMV

James King

Treasurer, AGLA DMV